About Us

Cleva North America, Inc. offers a dependable portfolio of innovative brands including Vacmaster®, Vacmaster Professional®, Duravac™, Armor All™ and LawnMaster®. With more than 15 years' experience in engineering and motor technology, Cleva incorporates the latest processes and highest standards for engineering, design and production. The result is high-quality products with exceptional performance and durability.

The Duravac product line includes a convenient 10 litre, portable wet/dry vac that is great for any home or office, a rugged yet easily maneuverable 60 litre stainless steel wet/dry vac with an industrial two-stage motor for heavy-duty use, a certified HEPA wet/dry vac that meets EPA's standard and a wet/dry vac for every application in between—Even a wall mountable garage wet/dry vac with a remote control on/off switch.

All products are made with the consumer in mind.  Innovation and efficient design make Duravac easy to handle, use and store. Its heavy-duty motors deliver peak horsepower for maximum suction and all vacs come fitted with a float valve mechanism that shuts suction off to protect the motor from liquid overfill.  Most Duravac wet/dry vacs convert quickly and easily to a powerful blower, perfect for clearing debris on patios, sidewalks and driveways. Duravac also offers practical added value features and a variety of accessories like:

  • Convenient on-board accessory storage
  • Extra-long power cords and hoses for maximum mobility
  • Oversized drain plugs for speedy disposal of liquids
  • Top handles for easy transport
  • Large on/off switches for easy access when needed
  • Secure fit hose for a tight, reliable connection

All wet/dry vacs offer a full two-year warranty or a three-year warranty on the Duravac Professional® wet/dry vacs. We take pride in producing a high quality product and will continue to come out with new products and features to impress consumers.